Neo Tokyo


Text and comic book styled characters combine to make a great piece of art. Comic strip layout and loads of action in this movie inspired comic art. Purple and pink robots parade in a battle to the death as they scream kill kill. Exciting stuff. The art is detailed cool and comic.




Bane is in a frenzy of fury. The intensity in this Dark Knight Rises shirt design starts with the eyes and grows in to the hands. The sure power of Bane is formulated with deep blues and contrasted with intense orange eyes. The brilliant line work of Mr Nicolo make this Bane t shirt design a sure bet for any Dark Knight and tee enthusiast.


Come From The Dark


Director/Writer/Producer Christopher Nolan and Producer Emma Thomas picked Come from The Darkness as their 2nd place winner. The strength of The Dark Knight is forced through the ground with the cape flowing from just below the neck line. The intensity of this bright blue Dark Knight shirt makes this tee an obvious top pick.




Samurai Warrior. This Warrior of the past has come back to roam the earth. Black and white art set against a bright red moon. Japanese influences and detailed illustration make this tee a must have. Fearless fashion meets amazing hand drawn art, ending in a cool graphic tee.


Childhood Hero


“I see a strong will to fight in your eyes! Don’t give up yet!” Street fighter nostalgia is present in this cool retro Ryu tee. A cool character tee using paint brush strokes and cool lines. Fight to the death wearing nothing but this cool retro tee.